We are a team of data scientists, engineers, and technology consultants helping small to medium businesses adopt AI-driven solutions.

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Biased Model Training: Training for AI requires consideration of the algorithm and implications around the high quality data sets.  Need to incorporate diverserity and fairness, and remove human cognitive bias for best implementation, utilization, and results.

Algorithm exlainability: AI modeling and data has issues around "understandability" of why answers sometimes occur.  This is called the "black box" problem and is an issue throughout the AI community.  With proper model creation, data training, and interpretability of machine learning it is possible to vet and test algorithms for a high reliability score that matches intended business objectives.

Compliance and Regulations: Working with clients across the world, our AI technology consulting firm acknowledges applicable data privacy regulations, such as the GDPR, HIPAA and other, in all automated solutions handling sensitive data. We also ensure our algorithms allow for the required level of decision-making transparency to maintain their compliance.


First time implementation: We assess your technological maturity and readiness for AI.  By a joint investigation of business processes, available AI solution spaces, and risk profile, a strategy and implementation plan for adoption of AI into business operations with positive user buy-in is created.

AI Audit and Re-implementation: If you have an existing AI solution that isn't meeting your stakeholders expectations, our consulting specialist can review algorithms, underlying logic, architectrue, useability, and security.  Then a plan for correction, upgrades, or redesign is proposed with focus on ROI and future expansion.

Artificial Intelligence Expansion: Assist in moving past proof of concept and move into scaling the AI transformation throughout your company for an even broader and enriched corporate impact.  Our consulting team works with your team to determine the best long term AI strategy that uniquely positions the desired AI advances to the best use for your business.